Wealth management

South City’s wealth management process is focused on identifying reputable fund managers that have a proven track record of delivering returns in line with their mandates. Our portfolios have been developed by our wealth management team who are responsible for the ongoing review of the investment solutions against their intended benchmarks. This team allows us to research fund managers and their solutions, which provides us with an understanding of their risk characteristics and how they may be expected to react in different market conditions.
This in turn allows us to assess whether each solution is appropriate to:

- meet your personal appetite for risk; and
- generate the returns required in terms of your financial plan.

Evidence of the successful portfolio design is highlighted in that we have only implemented two manager changes over the last 10 years. This is not due to apathy or reluctance to make a change, but rather the result of a thorough, well-thought out investment process. This process ensures we do not react to short-term market movements or investment fads. We stick to our process and rely on evidence to drive our investment decisions.